14 August 2012

Bypass ie warning message when using with self signed certificate

This post will show you how to bypass IE warning/error message when accessing to a site which using self-signed certificate.

Requirement :

  • No special requirement.

Steps in detail :

All rite. Everytime you use ie to access an https site with self signed certificate, you maybe see the Certificate Error/Warning Message like this :

Warning of IE

Although you have imported the Certificate to the Trusted Root CA, but it will always appear everytime access the site. You can always continue by clicking the "Continue to this website ..." but it is really annoy.

To permanenty bypass this message, you have to satisfy the 3 conditions :
  1. The expired time of the Certificate must be valid. 
  2. The client must trust the CA provider (the Issued by entry) or higher level CA providers. 
  3. The domain name of the website must match the subject of the Certificate (the Issued to entry). 

Certificate Info

In our example, the condition 1st & 2nd are valid but the 3rd is not (still using IP address), so we have to change it to domain name and it wil works like a charm.
IE not continue warning

No more Warning message and the lock icon besides the address bar has changed to blue color (that means valid Certificate)

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